Ahh, another video of a Karen making a stink over something that most normal people wouldn't even bother with. 

The clip begins with an exasperated cop in the middle of a sentence, clearly not on the side of the woman who called him in to handle this very important situation. 

"If you want to take this to a lawyer you can, but no crime has been committed. You guys need to get out of here and go into your cars. So you take your groceries and you, get out of here." The cop says in one single breath, obviously at the end of a long shift, looking down the barrel of a red-eyed Karen with nothing better do to than waste her and his time. 

The Karen demands her mortal parking enemy's phone number so she can "follow up" with it in the morning and then the typical bickering goes on between her, her parking nemesis and the cops and to be honest, this clip isn't worth anyone's time. The only saving grace is when the man behind the camera does offer up his number, he does it in a way that almost makes the Karen look like the mature one in the group, responding, "Yeah, it's 1-800-up-your-butt." Damn dude, clever! 

Thanks, Karen, you pissed off your new neighbor, a cop and now you've gone and wasted my own damn time too.