Kevin Hart made a fool of himself at Super Bowl 52 and we have the receipts. 

Hart, who is a huge Eagles fan started his celebration early Sunday night as he made his way to the NFL postgame show and dropped a drunken f-bomb on national television. 

Before Hart went on national tv to talk about how the Eagles made the impossible happen, Kevin tried to in fact make the impossible happen. He tried to get on the damn podium with the Eagles like he was a member of the team. Hart is seen arguing with a security guard who wouldn't let him past. Like bro, the team isn't even up there yet, chill. 

And after it was all said and done, Kev took to Instagram to remind his young fans, that drinking can make you do stupid things. 

But wait because his drunken shenanigans didn't end there. Kevin Hart was still able to join his hometown in true Philly fashion as he danced atop a minivan during the riots. 

We kid, we kid, we've all been there Kev, the only difference between us is you did it on national tv.