Kim Yo-jong might be the next leader of North Korea of her brother Kim Jong-un turns out to be dead

Don't call yourself a feminist if you aren't rooting for the death of Kim Jong-un. At a time when women are making strides into every aspect of social life, there are still a few remaining obstacles for women to overcome. And one of them is dictator status. 

Sure, women have still yet to land on the moon, or serve as President of the United States, but they (women) are making strides towards making the world a worse place for all of us (equally of course). So, when news outlets began to speculate what would happen if Kim Jong-un did in fact die, the typical male centric view was front and center. 

And it's Kim Yo-jung, and she's going to be the next dictator of North Korea. 

The speculation around Kim Jong-un's health began after he missed the celebrations of his grandfather's birthday on April 15th, and that since he had not been seen in public many thought him, ill or worse, dead. But today, reports from South Korea have conflicted with the news of Un's death, and according to CNN's South Korean corespondents, he is "alive and well." 

After almost a full day of online speculation, reports are confirming Un's well-being.  And though Kim Yo-jung's reign may not come as we thought, there is still hope that one day, our girl-boss, will turn the tides of North Korea.