We’ll always be familiar with his credentials.

Johnny Hardwick, the voice actor behind King of the Hill’s loveable conspiracy-toting exterminator Dale Gribble, was found dead in his Texas home on Tuesday, TMZ reported.

Appearing in all but one of the long-running series’ 259 episodes, Hardwick served as an integral part of the beloved show, his chain-smoking, roach-killing character always ready with a wacky theory, a witty remark and in some cases, a pocket full of sand. He was set to appear in the sitcom’s upcoming Hulu revival.

As news his passing spread throughout social media, fans and fellow comics headed to Twitter to share their favorite memories of the late actor.

“This one cuts deep. Johnny Hardwick was a national treasure and his portrayal of Dale Gribble is one of the finest performances in a show stacked with incredible characters,” wrote @justbarke alongside a clip of Gribble racing lawn mowers against his pals in the fan-favorite episode, “Hank's Back Story.” “He helped make King of the Hill so timeless.”

“Gutted to hear about the passing of Johnny Hardwick. Dale Gribble absolutely stole any scene on KOTH that he was the focus of,” wrote @StormyAdlerPoG. “Undeniably he was the funniest character on the show, and part of that came from Hardwick's voice performance. He will be missed.”

From “pocket sand” to the Dale Gribble Bluegrass Experience, here are some of Dale Gribble’s most iconic King of the Hill moments.