Kobe Bryant's daughters basketball team won a game by 88 points

Kobe Bryant has always had that killer mentality, having won five NBA finals during his time in the league and even earning himself an Oscar for a short documentary series he helped write and produce, but there are few things Kobe Bryant takes more seriously than coaching his daughters basketball team, The Mambas. 

In fact, Kobe is so dedicated to being a coach that a recent Instagram post of his set the Twitter fingers of the world a blaze with what they saw as a harsh and ill spirited caption on a post reminiscing about his teams growth. 

Here is the original post, which Bryant has since edited, not once but twice in an attempt to appease those who saw it as over the top. 

Kobe Bryant gets called out for harsh Instagram post caption

But you know what's even more important than this non-slight slight of Kobe's, the fact that this Instagram post didn't garner any ill will on the Internet. A Post where Bryant brags about beating a team after previously losing to them by a single point. Now please go read that first post again and tell me how bad of a parent Kobe is, the same guy who will'd his daughters team to a 88 point win in girls under 10 basketball. 

Here you can see the edited post, which has been re-written to seem less harsh, whatever that means. So go cry some more you babies! These kids ain't! 

Kobe Today posted an old clip of him dancing in a show as a kid to show that he isn't this evil oppressive kids coach that some people are trying to make him out to be. SMH! 

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