After roughly 80 years as the supreme of sloppy toppy, it appears late First Lady Nancy Reagan may have finally met her match — a goat-munching komodo dragon who took the title of “throat goat” to terrifying new heights.

In a now-viral clip, one very hungry reptile decided to take a conspicuously gag-reflex-free approach to eating his lunch, swallowing an innocent goat whole in only a matter of seconds, its prey still audibly screaming while in its stomach.

Naturally, several viewers were horrified by this candid glimpse at the circle of life,  heading to Twitter with questions, comments and concerns.

“I know nature is red in tooth and claw but goddamn I still hated this video,” wrote @2WrongMakeRight.

“Animals really be eating food dry, with no hot sauce, no ranch, bbq sauce or nothing,” added @kirawontmiss.

Meanwhile, others decided the situation at hand warranted a healthy dose of victim blaming, wondering why the actual f—k the goat didn’t seem to try and get away.

“Always wanna root for the prey in these situations but he didn’t do shit to try to get away,” wrote @rohn_jawls. “Honestly gotta hand it to the dragon here.”

But regardless of whether the goat had it coming or the dragon was being an a-hole, one thing is certain: We can only hope there are antacids in the wild. That dude is gonna need it.