Kylie Jenner becomes a meme after a picture of her without make-up went viral, with the headline 'Kylie Jenner is white again

Welcome back Kylie, "the white delegation has talked at great lengths and we have decided to welcome you back", but on one condition, no more make-up! Seriously, we can hardly recognize you with your face covered in all that paint. 

So have you heard? Looking hot on the internet is a game that can be calculated by how many zeros are in your bank account. And Kylie, well she has plenty. But when pictures of her came out over the weekend, that revealed her 'white-ness' was coming back, she made a quick turn to remind us that, she, Kylie Jenner is, tan, well ambiguously bronzed.

They say the camera adds ten pounds but does it also turn olives in potatoes? And before we go any further, yes we know she isn't wearing make-up, which shows just how powerful the make-up is, because she honestly does look like two separate people. 

And here she is a few days later in totally not staged paparazzi snagged moment. NO really, trust us, not staged at all, like no way she staged this after being caught looking like a different person. 

Not staged, what-so-ever. 

A picture from Kylie Jenner's Instagram account the same day photos of her out and about in makeup showed up in gossip magazines