@ladygagaukfanpage, as its name implies, is all about celebrating U.K.-based fans of pop icon Lady Gaga. But it appears they’re experts in more than just Mother Monster,  proving their insult comedy chops by patenting a new way to tell someone they’re ugly. Essentially, instead of asking someone to put a bag over their unsightly head, @ladygagaukfanpage did it for them via oversized emojis.

Self-described Lady Gaga superfan Grace — aka @gracefurby — got candid about her online run-in with the Instagram account on Monday, recalling the biting way they made it very clear that they found her unattractive. “When I was 14, I was Lady Gaga’s biggest fan and ran into her (top 20 moments in my life), but I was also busted to the point where fanpages censored my face with multiple large emojis,” she captioned a screengrab of the offending post on Twitter.

Several years may have passed since that fateful snap, but this emoji slight still struck a chord — not only with Grace, but with anyone whose face has ever been perceived in any context ever.

“I’d never recover from this,” wrote a horrified @lmginbed.

“Home girl was tagged then COVERED UP,” added @QteeFoxx.


Though Grace ultimately offered a look at the uncensored version of the photo, proving the original snap wasn’t all that bad, there’s a lesson to be learned from her ordeal: A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the scars of a few strategically-placed emojis can last a lifetime.