Despite his penchant for dating women roughly half his age, Leonardo DiCaprio rang in the big 4-9 the way only a middle-aged man could, treating guests to a terrible rendition of “DWYCK” by Gang Starr and Nice & Smooth.

Though in the now-viral clip of the star’s performance, DiCaprio’s guests can be seen dancing along with the Titanic icon, the people of Twitter and Reddit both begged to differ, proceeding to spectacularly roast the actor’s MC skills.

“Fun fact that song is older than last couple girlfriends,” commented u/cutekiwi in a thread shared to celebrity gossip subreddit u/Fauxmoi, while Twitter user @HickHouse likened the performance to one of DiCaprio’s flicks … well, kinda.

“Shudder Island,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, others opted to defend the Academy Award winner, arguing that Gen X dudes, too, can still experience the joys of karaoke.

“Ppl r rlly saying he’s not allowed to have fun bc of his age?” asked u/GroundbreakingBite96.  “I don’t find this cringe at all. It’s his birthday.”

“It’s his birthday party,” reiterated u/What_ev1s_thinking. “He’s having fun and everyone is enjoying themselves.”

But whether you love or hate rapping DiCaprio — Leonardo DiRAPrio? — one thing is certain: Kendall Roy walked so Leo could run.