When Barstool Sports overlord Dave Portnoy described one Massachusetts pizzeria’s famous slice as a “mess,” little did he know he’d land in one of his own, trading f-bombs and shirt-based insults with the restaurant's owner.

The squabble began after El Presidente first sampled a slice of pizza from Sommerville, Massachusetts' Dragon Pizza, which earned an abysmal 6.4/10.

“This pizza is trash,” he proclaimed in the clip uploaded to his One Bite Pizza Reviews YouTube channel on Thursday.

After several minutes of standing outside the restaurant, dunking on their food and asking passersby what they thought of the pizzeria’s fare Dragon Pizza’s owner Charlie Redd finally had enough.

“Dave, enjoy your pizza as any customer, but I don’t appreciate what you do, coming in and judging a business with one bite,” Redd told Portnoy.

Though at first, the media mogul kept it civil, reiterating that he had “actually helped so many small businesses,” Redd ultimately returning inside, he headed back out moments later telling the Barstool owner to beat it.

“Let me be a little clearer, move on. Don’t stand in front of my business,” Redd said, visibly irked.

“Let me be clear, **** you,” Portnoy replied, Redd demanding he “get the f**k out in front of my business.”

For the next several moments, the pair went at it, insulting each other’s businesses and in Redd’s case, the size of his Star Wars tee.

“**** you and your whole ***king platform,” Redd told Portnoy, the founder hurling back several f-bombs of his own.

As the video began attracting views on YouTube, Dragon Pizza landing on the receiving end of a Yelp review bomb, the pizzeria headed to Instagram to flip one final bird towards Portnoy.

“F@$K you and the Stool you came in on, Dave Douchebag,” they wrote, tagging Barstool Sports. “Your show sucks. You suck, and you truly are the classless tool I thought you are.”

But hey, to paraphrase John Lyly, “all is fair in love and pizza review shows.”