In another win for advocates of never leaving your home and never interacting with another human being ever again, a woman in San Antonio has taken to TikTok to share videos and receipts documenting the harassment she’s endured from a man she went on a date with, culminating in him turning up at her house and trying to break into the apartment she shares with her child.

Sydney Fort, who goes by The Pretty Chef on TikTok, shared a video late last month of the man attempting to break into her home. The video was recorded on a Ring camera, and shows the man pretending to be on the phone. He can be heard muttering things like, “I need you to open the door,” while trying to force the doorknob to no avail. At one point he says that if he keeps going he’s going to break the handle and then she won’t be able to get out of her apartment, so she should open up and let him in ASAP. Yikes.

In the caption of the video, Fort wrote, “Found out he is a psychopath and has split personalities. I have found a whole gallery of women and photos in his iPad and some creepy photos of how to ‘cut humans for their body parts’,” which was undoubtedly a harrowing experience only made 10 times worse when he showed up at her home and tried to break in.

In a follow-up video, she shared receipts from people who claim to know the man, including one woman who says she was married to the man’s uncle and had been told that as a child, he abused animals on the ranch he lived on.

In another video, she shared a photo of the report she filed with the San Antonio Police Department for harassment, terroristic threats and criminal mischief. In the caption of that video, she explained that she called the police right away, but they took an hour to respond. Fortunately, he never succeeded in breaking into her apartment, but unfortunately, the police officer who responded to the scene seemed “very nonchalant.” Fort added that if it weren’t for her neighbor providing footage of the attempted break-in that cops “wouldn’t have done a thing.”

As of her most recent updates, Fort has a protective order against the man and she and her child are safe. After being too traumatized to cook for an entire month as a result of the ordeal, she’s also back at work.