Taco Bell workers in Los Angeles are being accused of living a little too más after it was alleged that a company party turned into an orgy — complete with vomiting and cuckoldry.

According to KTLA, a worker named Alana Bechiom immediately knew something was amiss when she arrived at her Taco Bell franchise’s 2022 Christmas party.

While she had been invited to a “potluck-style buffet” (for which she brought a bowl of guacamole), the actual restaurant appeared to be prepared for something different. Per the complaint, Bechiom “discovered that [her supervisor] covered the windows of the restaurant with wrapping paper” and “also covered the cameras for the lobby in the inside of the restaurant.”

So what was the supervisor preparing for? An orgy, of course!

“Around midnight, after Bechiom had stepped outside for a short time, she walked back into the restaurant and saw a co-worker ‘having sex with his wife in front of everyone at the party,’” reports author Marc Sternfield.

But this co-worker and his wife were not alone. Not content to be cuckolds, a few other workers opted to get in on the action themselves. Per the KTLA article, a “female manager and another female co-worker” began making out with the main dude while he was still nailing his wife. Hey, it may not be workplace-appropriate, but darn it if it doesn’t sound like a good time!

Bechiom, as it turns out, does not like good times, at least not of this nature. Seeing all of these people porkin’ next to the beef, she decided to leave — but not before grabbing her guacamole bowl. This, as it turns out, presented its own issues.

Upon trying to escape, Bechiom found that “her manager and the other co-worker involved in the sexual encounter were vomiting,” writes Sternfield. “One threw up in the trash while the other vomited in her guacamole bowl, according to the complaint.” Oh no! Not the guacamole!

Of course, there’s much more to this story than a simple Taco Bell orgy. Bechiom says that her report about this incident got the people involved fired, and that those who partook in the orgy later threatened her and smashed the windows of her car. Bechiom says Taco Bell didn’t try to stop this, hence the lawsuit.

But to summarize, the people who were boning in the burritos no longer work at Taco Bell. I guess that’s just what you get for thinking outside (or even inside?) the bun.