Lululemon, Foot Locker, Apple and several other stores in Philadelphia’s Center City neighborhood all offered one hell of an impromptu flash sale on Tuesday night, finding themselves out of a whole lot of merchandise after roughly 100 teenagers looted the famed shopping district.

At roughly 7:30 p.m, a large group of teens headed to the shopping hub to snag several five-finger discounts, snatching iPhones, iPads and more in what local authorities have dubbed a  "coordinated attack."

Though as many as 20 people were arrested in the ordeal, per local Fox News affiliate Fox 29, those arrests appeared to not have come without a fight.

In one clip that has since gone viral on Twitter, one cop can be seen grabbing someone running out of a store, placing them into a headlock, throwing them onto the ground and punching them.

Though it’s unclear what exactly sparked this instance of looting — or why the woman in the video appeared to be giggling at the sight of this brutality – we can only hope these concerned citizens keep that same energy after any Philly team wins a sports championship.