Did we all just forget that Eminem completely embarrassed this clown after MGK called out his daughter Hailie? Are we going to ignore the fact Machine Gun Kelly got booed by his own fans for dissing Slipknot and their rad-a** masks? Or the fact that the dude has proven he's into underage girls (including Kendall Jenner when she was 17.)

All of this is public knowledge, so it shouldn't come as a surprise. But that's just who this guy is. His music is meh, at best. He's a caricature of a musical artist that would be featured on The CW in a high school drama.

So when MGK released the album art for his new album Mainstream Sellout, Twitter roasted him as only the internet knows how...ruthlessly.

I mean none of these tweets are wrong. Why is everything out of focus in this picture?

It's atrocious that Billboard just called this man 'The new prince of pop-punk.' The fact that that he's even allowed to take the stage each night is beyond offensive.

But the album title 'Mainstream Sellout' with an anarchy symbol for the 'A' is just the straw that breaks the camel's back. It reeks of unoriginality. But I wouldn't expect anything less from the guy who was dissed so badly he was forced to completely change musical genres.

I personally have better things to waste my money on than MGK music.