Something big is coming for the laws of physics – so big, it could forever alter our view of the universe.

“I have a feeling the 28th and 29th will go down in the history books in an unexpectedly wild way for the foundations of physics,” wrote scientist Maya Benowitz on Twitter, referencing an upcoming announcement from North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves – a.k.a. NANOGrav – sharing their plans to reveal some “big news” later this week. “Buckle up, we’re going for one helluva ride.”

Though her message stumped several Twitter users outside of the physics know, TikTok’s resident science explainer, Hank Green, had several thoughts on what the announcement might be.

“So the astrophysicists are getting excited about something? Like they’re all tweeting to each other like they know something that we don't know,” Green said in a TikTok.

Though Green, unlike Twitter’s resident guild of scientists, was unsure what, exactly, would come out in the coming days that could alter our perception of the laws of physics, he offered a handful of suggestions as to what may be on the horizon.

“It’s not gonna be aliens, it’s not gonna be time travel, it’s not gonna be like, faster than light spaceships, but it might be something that could potentially change the way we understand our universe and how it works.”


If you want to get caught up, check out “pulsar timing arrays.”

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These speculations come days after NANOGrav said they will be sharing “some big news regarding NANOGrav’s search for low-frequency gravitational waves.”

“For the last 15 years, the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav) Collaboration has been using radio telescopes to time an array of ultra-precise millisecond pulsars and search for correlated delays caused by low-frequency gravitational waves,” they wrote in a press release shared to their website.

Though we have to wait to discover what exactly this discovery may mean for us, one thing is certain … “Yeah Science, Bitch!”