On Wednesday, May 31, Redditor u/WhyTheFuckAmISoSlow took to r/FacePalm with a clip proving that older men can also master complicated skate tricks, uploading a clip depicting an angry pedestrian snatching the board out from a nearby rider’s feet and throwing it into the adjacent road.

“No no!” the cameraperson said, the skateboard hurling towards traffic. Prompting the rider to punch the passerby in the face, the pair then appeared to exchange several heated words over the ordeal.

“What’s your fucking problem?” the skateboarder asked, per the translations underscoring the video.

“Why are you breaking up my sidewalk?” the man snapped back.

Amassing more than 73.3k upvotes in its first day on the platform, the video sparked several angry reactions from Redditors, ones also evidently wondering what the man’s “fucking problem” was.

“I hate these kinds of dickwads,” mused u/Lungseron. “Thinking they are untouchable and above everyone because they are in their 60s, so they can do petty shit like that and think they won't get punched.”

“If you trip a riding skater you’ve earned a justified truck fuck in my book, kid went too easy on this prick,” added u/CrabHandsTheMan, while fellow user u/CaptainLimpWrist argued that a “Board to the face would have been justified here.”

So take it from this viral incident – let skaters skate. As Redditor u/evesea2 said, “You know what’s more dangerous than a dude riding a skateboard minding his own business? Throwing the skateboard in the road.”