Rapper and Jonah-Hill-reformed anti-semite Kanye West was quite literally caught with his pants down this weekend after paps spied the “Stronger” artist appearing to get some sweet, sweet sloppy boat toppy from his new non-Kim Kardashian wife, Bianca Censori on Sunday.

Though it’s unclear what, exactly, the couple were getting up to during their tour of Venice, Italy’s famed canals, the photos present quite an (orally) fixating sight. Depicting West’s muse-turned-wife bending down in front of the musician, whose entire butt was on full display to several gondolas of fellow European tourists, it appears as though the newlyweds, who said “I do” in January, were more concerned with each others’ bodies than Venice’s historic sights.

Though a handful of (incredibly puritanical) critics called for the pair to be fined and/or arrested for public indecency, several others fought back, proudly defending West’s ability to get some vacation head.

“bro can't get a little sloppenheimer in peace,” wrote @dyingscribe, as @frosteeflake lamented on how West apparently “cant even get some slop on a boat without mfs recording.”

“Unbelievable,”  they added.

But regardless whether you’re for or against West and Censori’s horny boat ride, one thing is certain. To paraphrase West’s 2016 hit “30 Hours,” we guess a(n alleged) boat blowjob's better than no job.