Social media can be a godsend for struggling small businesses; all you need is one viral TikTok and suddenly you’ve got lines out the door. That kind of success is obviously what one restaurateur was hoping for when he took to Twitter with a request earlier this week. Unfortunately for him, he did go viral, but not in the way he had hoped.

Tre Pierre, amateur rapper and owner of New Orleans Creole Cuisine in Atlanta, posted a plea on Twitter, writing, “Hey Twitter can you blow up my restaurant it’s been slow af this month I need a big push can y’all retweet this post.”

While he did get some supportive retweets and replies, the responses were overwhelmingly negative. Turns out, the restaurant isn’t without its problems. Accusations include treating employees like shit, ripping off customers and serving subpar food, which isn’t ideal for a restaurant where serving food is kind of the whole deal.

Over 600 reviews on Google have resulted in a three-star average for the restaurant, while it has a 1.6 rating on Yelp based on 46 reviews.

Reviewers complained about slow service and disinterested waiters, servers fighting with each other, homophobic language and the owner allegedly flashing a gun at customers in an attempt to intimate them. “Boi wtf?” indeed.

One former employee, whose display name on Twitter is “NOCCATL owes me $351.02,” has been trying to use social media to chase down her check for three days of work at the restaurant. Pierre’s response to one of her Instagram Stories calling him out was to tell her he wasn’t HR and didn’t write her checks, adding, “Don’t ever @ me again, find somebody else to play with.” In other messages, he called the former employee a bitch and told her to call the Department of Labor.

While some people tried to offer genuine suggestions for how Pierre could improve and start drawing customers back in, others were just baffled, with one person tweeting, “Bruh no cap as a server/bartender the reviews I just read are insane and must be studied.” In addition to the allegations about the owner flashing his gun, one Yelp reviewer alleged that they had the police called on them after refusing to pay for burnt and overly salted food.

Honestly, this restaurant sounds wilder than anything they’ve done on The Bear. Maybe Pierre could sell the tales of his terrible management skills to Hulu and retire from the restaurant game, for the safety of everyone in the greater Atlanta area.