Most travelers who visit Europe are aware of the risk of pickpockets, particularly in tourist-heavy areas or crowded spaces like the metro. The best thing you can do — no, it’s not wearing all of your valuables strapped to your chest — is be sensible and aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, sometimes other human desires overpower all reason, leading to situations like the one Christian Camilo Horta found himself in while visiting Barcelona, a city that’s been described as Spain’s “stolen cellphone capital.”

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Attempting to be aesthetic in front of the city’s Arc de Triomf, not to be confused with Paris’ Arc de Triomphe, Christian put his phone down in order to film a video of himself looking away from the camera and toward the Arc. It’s a good shot that’s unfortunately interrupted by a man on a bicycle grabbing his phone and attempting to ride off with it.

Fortunately for Christian, he was able to catch up with the wannabe thief and snatch his phone back. In response to someone asking him to post the original video without added sound (Madonna’s “Hung Up”) Christian did so, sharing a video of what one commenter called the “quietest robbery ever” — seemingly no words, expletives or shouts were exchanged between Christian and the thief at any point; he just calmly snatched his phone back and carried on with his day.

Commenters were impressed by Christian’s quick reflexes and ability to snatch his phone back — to whom, he replied, “Former certified HS trackstar ftw.” Others, however, admonished him for thinking it wouldn’t happen to him when “Spain is known for this BS.” His response? “It’s always a possibility, shot was worth it for me tho. Mitigating risk by staying vigilant enough to react in time.” It also helps if you’re fast as fuck, boi.

If you’re not a former track runner who’s confident in their ability to take on a thief on a bicycle, consider just asking someone else in the area to take a photo or video for you instead. It’s a time-honored tradition for solo travelers.