One Beyoncé fan learned a hard lesson about talking during the “everybody on mute” challenge, getting popped in the face for committing the cardinal sin of disobeying Queen Bey.

In the video, which has since gone viral on Twitter, the Renaissance World Tour attendee found themselves slapped with the consequences of yelling during the famed challenge, in which the entire audience is supposed to stay quiet after Beyonce sings the line "look around, everybody on mute,” during her song “Energy,” landing a fist to the face after letting out a lone “woo” in the silent arena.

While the man appeared to briefly recoil in pain, several fans felt little sympathy.

“Get him for me!” wrote @chuuzus, while @LeosCalvinJames noted that they could “see cause and effect.”

Meanwhile, others denounced the smack, stating that the attacker had taken things too far.

“Resorting to violence because you're worried about impressing Beyoncé up in the nosebleeds is some really unhinged behavior,” added @alshipley.

So take it from this newly-punched fan — failing the “everybody on mute” challenge may not break Beyoncé’s soul, but it might just break your face.