A half a year after Saw X hit theaters, it appears the beloved horror series decided to take a guerilla approach to its 11th installment.

In a now-viral clip, one very lucky shopper managed to avoid a death of Jigsaw proportions, narrowly escaping a massive saw blade rolling through the parking lot of an Oregon strip mall.

Though the shopper may have casually entered the store, opening the door and walking through like any other day, his timing was all too right. Seconds after the door shut behind him, a four-foot blade tore through the mall’s parking lot, slamming straight into the store, a trail of steam still burning behind it.

It’s unclear where the saw came from—we can only hope an adjacent construction site—but the damage was ever apparent, with the blade standing jammed into the shop’s entrance.

“That just stuck in your wall,” the patron told the store owner in what may be the calmest reaction in the history of calm reactions.

While we’re glad no one got hurt in this terrifying ordeal, we sure hope this guy gets one heck of a settlement… or a film deal while he’s at it.