Everyone has revenge fantasies from time to time. The John Wick movies wouldn’t be so popular if they didn’t consist of Keanu Reeves carrying out the elaborate revenge schemes everyone has wished they themselves could enact every now and then. One caller to a New York City radio station recently shared his own tale of revenge, and it has a COVID-flavored twist.

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On the show Way Up with Angela Yee, the man relayed how two years ago, his mom passed away as a result of contracting COVID-19 while already battling lung cancer. At the time, she was hosting a man in her home who had lost access to his own housing; he caught COVID-19 and made no effort to avoid or isolate himself from the caller’s mom, resulting in her catching it. Given her immunocompromised state, she passed away.

The caller revealed that every couple of weeks, he finds the guy and “beat[s] him until he can’t walk,” adding that he’s currently in the hospital as a result of these beatings. At this point in the call, Angela’s co-host Maino is cracking up, chiming in to add that sometimes “you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do,” while Angela just appears shocked, responding with, “Oh my god…”

The caller continued, “I think I’m a godly man, but it don’t say in the Bible that I can’t.” Personally, I feel like Jesus might have a slight issue with such retributive beatings, but I dunno. Angela asked the caller if he wasn’t concerned about the man dying after one of these beatings, to which he responds, “It is what it is.”

Angela offered her condolences but still had her reservations about the man’s solution to the problem. Maino, meanwhile, seemed fairly supportive, echoing the caller’s mantra of “It is what it is.” Commenters were similarly split, with many calling bullshit on the story, while others had questions, namely: How does he keep finding the dude, and why hasn’t the man pressed charges?

I have my own questions, primarily: Why doesn’t the dude leave town? Surely the caller isn’t committed enough to follow him to another state. It’s not like he’s literally John Wick. Unless…