Irish dancing is having a moment on TikTok right now. Videos of people attempting to demonstrate their Irish dancing skills while Sham Rock’s “Tell Me Ma” plays have flooded my For You Page and racked up millions of views, introducing a whole new generation to the joys of traditional Irish music and dancing.


Big up my king x

♬ Tell Me Ma - Sham Rock

Given that fact, it’s no surprise that when PinkPantheress released “Angel” for the Barbie soundtrack featuring a fiddle break inspired by traditional Irish music, young fans immediately fell in love with the track.

@ceoof i mean.. idk it’s something about that song that just make you wanna get up and BUST A MF MOVE #pinkpantheress @☺️ ♬ Angel (From Barbie The Album) - PinkPantheress

PinkPantheress recently performed at Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles, and one fan captured a moment on video when a man appeared on stage during “Angel” and, you guessed it, danced an Irish jig.

@rachael_163 They both ate tho I was shocked when she said it wasn’t planned lmao #pinkpantheress #campfloggnaw #campfloggnaw2023 #tylerthecreator ♬ original sound - Rachael

He does a fantastic job, but is unfortunately quickly escorted from the stage by security before the fiddle break is over, at which point PinkPantheress walks back to the center of the stage and continues performing.

If that sounds like a tragic ending for our Irish dancing king, not to worry — OP commented that the man came back out later, and PinkPantheress even cheered him on, obviously recognizing a fellow artist when she saw one. In fact, in the future, maybe PinkPantheress could do an Irish jig herself — it’s virtually impossible to stand still during that fiddle break, anyway.

Dance for the people, PinkPantheress! Dance!