Ordering food via an app is always a crapshoot. Given just how unhelpful reviews are, and just how many restaurants on the apps are fake, receiving something markedly different from what you ordered is not an uncommon experience.

Still, you’d hope that what you get bears a passing resemblance to your order. For example, if you ordered a milkshake and got a cup of warm piss, you’d probably be pretty annoyed, right? Well, that’s what a Utah man named Caleb Woods says happened to him — and no, he’s not too pleased about it.

According to Woods, he had placed a delivery order from Chick-fil-A via Grubhub. When the order arrived, he stuck a straw in the cup and took a big swig — only to discover that he had received not a milkshake, but a frothy cup of piss. “The cup delivered to me from the Grubhub driver was a warm cup of urine,” Woods explained.

Of course, Woods was not happy about this whole affair, so he called the driver and demanded to know, I don’t know, why he had delivered him a cup of pee — and why he had a cup of pee in the first place. A portion of their interaction can be seen in this local news report.

“Did you confuse the cups, cause, like, dude — it’s half full of pee,” Woods explains, as calm as one can be in this situation. “Do you realize this is pee?”

As for why the driver had a cup of pee, it’s not a fetish thing — instead, it’s just another marker of our current gig-economy dystopia! Hooray! “Woods says the driver expressed to him what happened and told him he had two styrofoam cups in the car but confused his milkshake for the urine-filled cup, according to ABC 27,” writes Joshua Lynch for the New York Post. “The driver also admitted he clocks long hours and relieves himself in the car because he doesn’t really take bathroom breaks.”

Woods later reported the incident to Grubhub, who said that they “took immediate action with the driver and ended his contract with us.” They also claimed that they were reaching out to the customer to apologize. Hopefully, this apology will include a full refund, as Woods says the customer service agent he was originally talking to refused to fully compensate him for his order.

“I think [the order] cost like 25 bucks. They refunded like $18, the actual cost of the food,” Woods recalled. “They didn’t refund the delivery fee or the tip that I gave.”

Maybe next time the driver should better mark his piss cup — or, hear me out, we shouldn’t have jobs that pressure people to pee in cups. I know, crazy idea.