Amazon is selling a 12-foot inflatable beach ball and one man was rather disappointed after receiving his purchase.  It appears that the ball isn't quite the same dimensions as it appears in their listing photo (unless the man in the image is about 4 feet tall). Below is the image from the listing that lured the soon-to-be 12 foot beach ball owner into buying the product.

At a cool $95 dollars you can see why almost anyone would be upset with a product that didn't quite live up to the hype:

Pictured: a disappointed shopper poses with his less-than-gigantic beach ball.

 After receiving his product, this man took to Amazon to write a review after realizing he'd been (probably unintentionally) duped he left a hilariously tall tale of the incident with the ball:

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After seeing his review, other Amazon users couldn't help but chime in.

However it wasn't all funny and positive, one poor man lost everything due to this "beast"...

The moral of the story here?   Always check the dimensions of the product when ordering something on the internet!