In a new trend in China, people are showing off mango seeds that they're treating as pets, similar to the 1970s pet rock craze. The seeds can be groomed and decorated to become fluffy creatures.

According to an article from The Straits Times, mango pet “owners” attest to the therapeutic nature of raising these mango seeds, and claim “they are able to relieve stress when they touch the washed mango pets.”

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While the trend mostly exists on Chinese-speaking social media platforms like Weibo, people on Tiktok are hopping on the trend, yassifying mangos into emotional support pets, and showing off the grooming process that involves cleaning off pulp residue, washing, blow drying, and brushing them until they are fluffy little guys. Some go further and use hair dye to their colors or purple shampoo to tone the yellow seed hairs into a platinum shade.

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@sc7e4m_ shows each part of the process in creating her very own mango pet. 

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In an ASMR-style grooming video @mango_pit_pet gives spa treatment to their seed that has been dyed blue, lighting a candle and giving it a face mask.

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A bow tie is attached to a hamster lookin’ seed in a video posted by @bribcheesin.

I can feel the uneaten mango on my counter staring at me, begging to be turned into a furry little pal.