mark zuckerberg surfing with american flag

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is definitely not two robot children in a meat suit, celebrated America's birthday with an odd display of patriotism that left many scratching their heads.

Strong 'Look at me Mom!' energy

Zuck clearly has a great passion for surfing, but we kinda wish he could find a way to do it like a regular human being instead of whatever the f**k this was:

Mark Zuckerberg surfing with sunscreen | Mr Mime

They're the same picture

Because the internet is the beautiful place that it is, the memes were quick to follow:

zuckerberg flag surfing with ISIS flag

zuckerberg flag surf meme - her: come overzuckerberg flag surfing meme - celebrate by paying taxes

zuckerberg flag surfing meme - risked lives in 1776 so Zuck could ride the delaware

Best one IMHO: