Earlier this week, YouTuber Markiplier — a.k.a. Mark Edward Fischbach — finally made good on his promise to fans, partaking in the long, storied internet tradition of living up to his word and officially launching a “tasteful” charity OnlyFans —  crashing the site in the process.

In October, the content creator promised his fans he would make an OnlyFans if they helped his podcasts, 'Distractible' and 'GO! My Favorite Sports Team' reach the top of Spotify and Apple Music’s charts. Now, Markiplier will attempt to do what bath water and Mountain Dew couldn’t — quench gamers’ thirst once and for all.

“Today’s the day,” Markiplier quipped in a new YouTube video shared with his 34 million subscribers.

“My OnlyFans is now available through the link in the description below as promised,” he continued, noting that “the deal,” one he first posed back in October, “is now complete.”

The "first of three drops of tasteful nudes," he explained, the proceeds generated from his fans’ evidently insatiable horniness would be donated to two charities —  the World Food Program and the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

“Because if you’re going to quench your thirst, we might as well try to feed some people,” he joked.

Yet it seems Markiplier’s fans were a little TOO eager to donate to charity (and definitely nothing else, you perverts), crashing the subscription platform shortly after the page went live.

“…really guys?” he wrote alongside a screenshot of the site with an error message.

Yet even with this high demand surrounding his Markussy, fans still wanted more Markiplier.

“WE JUST WANT THE CUM VIDEO W/ SOUND ON,” one Twitter user wrote.