How many times do we need to learn the lesson that the gym is not a place to pick up women? Not only is there not really a way to approach someone without coming off like a creep, but given the recent trend of filming yourself working out, you’re more likely to become part of a viral video than to actually bring anyone home with you.

You also run the risk of becoming an internet cringefest, like this married guy who tried to pick up a gym-goer.

In the video, the dude starts a conversation with a woman working out by listing all of the facts he knows about her, seemingly gathered from all of the other times that he’s been rejected by her. These facts include that she doesn’t like coffee, that she has cereal for breakfast and that she has a kid. The eroticism is almost overwhelming.

At this point, the dude drops that he kind of, no, fully, has a wife. However, he’d still love to get pizza with the woman. “I’m pretty sure your wife would not approve of that,” the woman responds. Shot fired, shot backfired.

From here, the man stalls and backpedals. Yes, he loves being married — wait, maybe he doesn’t — wait, maybe this woman can become friends with his wife? Of course! Every woman’s fantasy is to become best friends with the person your husband failed to cheat on you with!

The video ends without us really knowing what happened, but I’m sure we can all figure it out. Here’s hoping the man’s wife never sees this video — not only because he’s trying to cheat, but because he’s really, really, embarrassingly bad at it.