Turns out brawls at fast-food restaurants aren’t the sole purview of Waffle House, although it’s the only fast-food chain lucky enough to be the subject of a Jonas Brothers song. Last Saturday evening, in — where else? — Florida, five women were accused of intentionally clogging a toilet at a chicken shop, leading to a brawl between their group and restaurant employees.

Basically, just another night in Orlando.

An employee at Papa Bees, a chicken-wing restaurant, cleaned up their original mess, only for the quintet to go back in and clog the toilet a second time. How were they identified as the culprits, you ask? They were the only customers in the restaurant at the time.

It was at this point that a supervisor told the women that they needed to leave — it was near closing time, anyway — prompting the women to begin yelling at the employees. The argument escalated until one of the women allegedly punched the supervisor in the face; her friends then joined in, kicking, punching, yelling, throwing things and pulling people’s hair. The supervisor was left with a cut behind her ear and bruises on her legs and arms. When an employee tried to help their supervisor, one of the toilet cloggers slapped her and started throwing chairs.

Other employees eventually managed to break up the fight, and the five women were detained by police responding to the incident. They have since been charged with disorderly conduct, battery and criminal mischief.

Simply put, it was all a giant shitstorm.