You may remember Matan Even from his stunt at the 2022 Game Awards ceremony, where he rushed the stage, and thanked his ‘reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton’ during Elden Ring’s Game of the Year acceptance speech. Matan was taken into custody following the prank, and people assumed he was just some kid. But now he’s popping up everywhere, and it turns out he’s been here the entire time.

Dubbed the Bill Clinton kid, Even’s Game Awards antics gained him instant notoriety, but it wasn’t the first time he’d crashed a gaming presentation stage. Back in 2019, a much younger-looking Even invaded BlizzCon19, where he yelled “Free Hong Kong” during a World of Warcraft Q and A.

Much of Even’s efforts pre-Game Awards focused on advocacy for Hong Kong, and his early Twitter account is dedicated to highlighting hundreds of examples of police brutality there. It was this advocacy that earned him his first moment in the spotlight; the Clippers Dance Cam in the Staples Center. Initially holding up a Clippers jersey, Even switches it out to a shirt that says “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.”

The moment went viral, racking up almost 9 million views on Twitter, and earning him interviews with reporters like Rod Breslau. Apparently, his family holds Clippers season ticket, and he had made it onto the jumbotron many times before. Even continued to produce pro-Hong Kong content until March 2021, when he went silent. Until the Game Awards.

Following the Game Awards Even appeared with the streamer NeonSniperPanda for an interview, but he was no longer an activist fighting for a free Hong Kong. Now, he was the Bill Clinton Kid. Even’s new media personality is a satire of the hyper-masculine influencer, and he never breaks character. Creating content on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms, he often pops up alongside figures like Sneako, where his satire really shines.

Recently, Even was seen with JaVale McGee at a soccer game, and behind this street interview where he appears to teleport from shot to shot.

But while it may look like Matan Even is suddenly everywhere you look, just remember, he always has been.