Talking to women can be difficult. That’s why 71-year-old Callixte Nzamwita came up with an innovative solution: literally never doing it ever.

At the age of 16, he decided to lock himself in his home — all because he’s afraid of women. “The reason I locked myself inside here and have a fence on my house is because I want to make sure that women will not come closer to me,” he told Afrimax, per The Daily Mail.

This means that, for the past 55 years, he’s done everything completely alone. He doesn’t even leave the house to go shopping, with one neighbor saying that they make sure he’s fed and cared for by simply “tossing [things] into his house.”

“The way I live is enough for me. I didn’t have any idea of having a woman, and I’m okay with that,” he told the videographers. “I do not want women around me because they make me really scared.”

At the time of filming, it didn’t seem like Nzamwita had any intention of stopping, making him the world’s most committed bachelor — and volcel.