What’s the difference between airsoft dudes bro-ing out and a mass shooting? To a group of authorities in Mexico, apparently nothing.

A recent airsoft meet-up came to a screeching halt after a large group of soldiers decided to crash the party, forcing everyone to the ground with their real guns locked and loaded.

Though one of the players repeatedly insisted that the group was enjoying a day out with faux weapons — “We’re playing airsoft!” they can be heard yelling to the authorities before repeating that “it’s a game,” per eBaum’s World’s official translator — these clarifications didn’t seem to matter.

After several moments on the ground, one of the several authorities finally asked what was going on, this time apparently ready to listen.

“We are playing airsoft my friend,” the player replied, encouraging the officer to see for themselves. “Look, you can check everything you want.”

After confirming that the weapons in question were “gas and airsoft replicas,” the officials finally understood what was up, letting the guys get back to their game.

So take it from this group of interrupted airsoft enthusiasts — there is very much such a thing as too realistic of a paint job.