After years of debate, speculation and questions about what the hell goes on in the world of muppets, it seems we finally have an answer to a long-running quandary surrounding the JHECU (Jim Henson Extended Cinematic Universe) — how do Kermit the Frog and longtime love Miss Piggy, a frog and a pig, as their names imply, successfully do what two muppets do when they *really* love each other?

Earlier this month, TikToker @studentofwhim, a self-described “science teacher” and “nerd,” took to the platform with an answer for this bizarre inquiry, claiming that despite their names, Kermit and Miss Piggy are not actually a frog and a pig, rather, the same species with a *very* strong sexual dimorphism.

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“It was pointed out to me in some of my comments that Kermit and Miss Piggy are in fact the same species,” he commenced the clip, which has garnered upwards of 1 million views since hitting the platform. His proof in these bold assertions? The pair’s notably un-liger-like children in the well-known and beloved nature documentary A Muppets Christmas Carol.”

“Miss Piggy and Kermit have children. Not only do they successfully produce offspring, but those offspring aren’t hybrid creatures,” he continued, noting that alongside their old-timey aprons and small 19th-century jacket thingies (we’re shitposters, not fashion historians) their children boast “the same distinct sexual characteristics of their parents.”

“What we’re seeing in the huge difference between Piggy and Kermit is strong sexual dimorphism,” he said, adding that while “we often think that males are the bigger and stronger of a species but that’s not true, there are lots of counter-examples” including, but not limited to, insects, fish, birds, and apparently Muppets.