One TikTok influencer learned a tough lesson about thirst trapping too close to the sun, landing at the center of a viral cheating scandal after snapping a cute post-hookup video in his date’s old time-y Parisian stairwell.

The drama began when London-based creator @Charliebcx decided his booty call’s vestibule was the perfect place to create some #content last week, stopping to take a video of his man’s quaint, French stairwell while on his way out.

@charliebcx You can spare the white boy rythm comments #gay #paris ♬ original sound - Afro Spectrum

“Leaving a h00k up but this guy’s staircase is kinda giving medieval,” he captioned the video, set to a Middle Ages-inspired cover of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Though @Charliebcx’s clip quickly went viral, racking up over 1.2 million likes in its first week on the site, it landed on one very unfortunate For You page — that of his apparently married hookup’s husband.

“Did you f—king record my staircase?” the unknown adulterer, known only by their eggplant-emoji-clad contact name “Le Marais (thick)” appeared to ask @Charliebcx in screenshots shared shortly after the first video’s viral success. “My husband saw this and ask [sic] if you and me met!!!”

@charliebcx #stitch with @Charliebcx homewrecker ❤️ #gay #marriage ♬ original sound - Charliebcx

While at the time, @Charliebcx poked fun at this unfortunate update, punctuating the clip with the hashtag “#homewrecker,” he later clarified that he didn’t intend to serve as a paramour in another man’s marriage.

“Stop accusing me of being a homewrecker,” he stated in another follow-up. “I didn’t know his name, let alone that he was married.”

@charliebcx This is my official statement xoxo #gay #marriage ♬ greedy - Tate McRae

So even though @Charliebcx and thick Le Marais will likely not enjoy another rendezvous, it appears their brief encounter was one for the books … if not for the viral clout, for the fact that “his babies” are apparently in the content creator’s a--.

@charliebcx Milkshake #gay #medieval ♬ original sound - Beanie_Baby_Lobster