No shoes. No shirt. No service. 

Jesse James West, a TikTok prankster, pressed his luck when he filmed himself going to the Rec Pier Chop House in Baltimore Maryland while wearing nothing but a jockstrap and full body paint. The wait staff immediately asked him to either put a shirt on or leave.


Is this valid?

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“I have nipple covers on. There’s no nip!” West argues in his defense. “There's no junk, so where is the problem? If you just show me a dress code, I’ll happily leave.”

While the flower-shaped pastie was indeed covering his whole nipple, it was not enough to stop the waiter from calling the cops to escort West out of the restaurant.

But on his way out, a group of women at the bar complimented West on his painted Hawaiian shirt and jorts.

“You see this place, I can never come back to so you indulge. Have a shot for me,” he tells one of the women on his way out like he’s a modern-day martyr in a speedo and pasties.