Though actress Natasha Lyonne’s raspy voice may have helped her make a name for herself as one of Hollywood’s most beloved smokers, inspiring a Saturday Night Live sketch, her characters in Orange is the New Black and Russian Doll and even an entire Instagram page dedicated to her penchant for lighting up, her era of cigs has officially come to a close. 

Roughly four months after Lyonne revealed she kicked the habit – “I’m day 3 no smoking don’t @ me,” she captioned a throwback cigarette selfie back in March – the star’s iconic tone has taken a turn for the smooth.

“Hi, I’m Natasha Lyonne, I’m wearing Hermes, and the shoes are Jimmy Choo,” she states in the video, her voice impeccably clear. Though Lyonne continued to hype up her body-con designer dress, – “Look it has all these extra strings in case you need to string something up for the holiday,” she joked –  her newly-mellifluous tone stole the social media show.

“Every time I hear Natasha’s voice since she quit smoking it’s like being hit over the head because like… who IS THAT,” @NICKYSNlCHOLS, a Twitter fan page dedicated to the actress, captions the clip.

Yet @NICKYSNlCHOLS, wasn’t alone in their surprise.

“If Natasha Lyonne can quit smoking I can too !!!!,” joked @iannarallonza while @isthereaureum likened the star’s new voice to “that episode of the nanny when Fran ate the wasabi and her voice went normal.”

So here’s to Lyonne – hopefully someday she can live her dream of being “able to smoke again consequence-free” as it's “one of the great loves” of her life.