Steven Spielberg's newest flick, Ready Player One, is an homage to everything nerds love. So why do people already hate it? Well, people hate a lot of things for stupid reasons, so there is that, but yesterday a number of promotional posters were released that have peoples cords in a twist. 

The strange thing about Internet outrage is that sometimes you can't tell who is being serious and whose just trolling for likes and shares. ABut, assuming this Twitter user is serious, it's safe to say he's got bigger problems some kids movie. 

We do acknowledge that one nerd does not speak for the entire nerd community but a quick look online will show you that 'true nerds' hold themselves to higher standards. 

And why are they pissed? Because it's not nerdy enough? Because it messes with their childhood? The cast isn't entirely female or black so we can rule those out. So what is it? Honestly, we don't give a shit. Suck it, nerds, this movie is for us. 

Scroll through and see the rest of the 'controversial' posters. 

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