Gold Coast helicopter crash - footage inside video

New footage has emerged from the inside of one of the helicopters involved in the deadly Gold Coast Sea World collision. The accident took place on Monday, January 2nd, and appears to be the result of a miscommunication between a landing and an ascending helicopter. Four people were killed in the accident, and others are still in critical condition. 

The new footage was filmed by a tourist inside the helicopter, and a passenger can be seen frantically tapping the pilot to alert him of the impending collision.

Amazingly, that pilot was then able to land his helicopter despite significant damage, saving the passengers on board. Tragically, his co-pilot, and three people in the other aircraft were not so lucky. 

Gold Coast Helicopter collision - video sea world

Heroic actions from bystanders on the ground helped save the survivors. 

sea world helicopter crash - rescue

The accident is currently under investigation, and Sea World's quick turnaround helicopter rides may soon be a thing of the past.