Bryan Sematore is a barber based in Ridgewood, New Jersey who’s racked up thousands of Instagram views, and 66k followers on TikTok by providing a snippet of affection to his clients. The last thing anyone would expect from a face-tatted, fresh-cut Jersey bro is a kiss on the forehead, but his clients, and the internet, are loving it. 

@bigyamshair My clients love me #barber #barberlife #northjerseybarbers #bergencountybarber #barbershopconnect #barberprank #barberjokes #barberpranks #fyp ♬ Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder

Barber shops have always been a haven for dudes to hang out, have a beer and get a fresh look. It’s always a friendly vibe, but Brian has taken it to the next level. It proves that even the manliest of men could always use a little bit of brotherly love and affection, with every vid so far showing the client reacting with a laugh. Admittedly, it’d be hilarious to see someone lose their shit, but a positive reaction is always best. 

Bryan also posts videos of his classes and shows off his chops as a family man. He operates out of Loyalty Barbershop, an appropriate name for some loyal, loving, and weirdly affectionate.