If you’ve been on X/Twitter as of late, you’ve probably noticed a Yertle the Turtle-looking dude who keeps posting about how much money he has, only to get roasted by Community Notes.

This man is NFT Nick, a guy who has bet his entire internet life on the long-term success of NFTs.

Given that that sentence probably elicited an audible laugh from you, you might be wondering how NFT Nick is doing. To hear him tell it, he’s just fine — he’s taking off from his helipad, driving around in his Lamborghini and chilling in his private movie theater.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to actually have any of those things.

Community Notes users have effectively declared NFT Nick enemy number one, scoping out all of his ridiculous posts for evidence that he’s not actually living the millionaire life he says he is.

For example, that helicopter ride appears to have just been a sightseeing tour, his “Lamborghini” is a perfectly respectable Mazda and his “private movie theater” is just a public, rentable theater.

In short, he’s full of shit. Probably.

But it would be one thing if he was just another rich dickwad lying about how much money he has. Lord knows there’s plenty of that in the world. The question is why he continues to post this pitiful nonsense even after being called out for it.

Whenever someone questions him for his behavior, he simply responds, “Choose Rich,” an interesting move if you’ve exhibited all the hallmarks of someone who is not that rich.

Does he have more money than me? Almost surely. But are you really enjoying your wealth if you keep having to pretend that you have more than you already do? A Mazda is a fine car, dammit!

It’s a minor point, but he’s also not going to stay rich for long if he keeps blowing his funds on needless jet-ski trips in order to prove the haters wrong. Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised that a man who helps operate an NFT website in the year 2024 is bad with money.

Let’s get to the core of the issue: This is all simply engagement farming to try to get people to subscribe to his shitty NFT newsletter. But I can’t help but be struck by just how pathetic it all is — Nick, you can say “choose rich” all you want, but is this really the life you dreamt of? Being spitroasted by the internet on the off-off-off-chance that they buy one of your terrible JPGs?

Yeah, the billboard’s fake, too.

Look, you don’t need to worry about NFT Nick. He says he’s all-in on crypto, but like all of these guys, he’s probably got some money put away in a high-yield account that will still be there long after crypto is nothing more than a memory and a pile of disused graphics cards.

But at the very least, we can laugh at him — and I will gladly continue doing so.