It’s official: Rising rent prices have officially reached new blow-your-landlord highs.

With global inflation sending prices of real estate and rental properties skyrocketing, one Londoner allegedly found a  sucky, way of keeping their cost of living at bay, one they detailed in a now-viral Reddit post.

“So yeah this has been going on since June 2020 when I lost my job,” u/roisin_babe_ explained in their now-viral admission, shared on Wednesday, July 12. “Not exactly proud of myself but tbh I’m happy not paying rent – which is ridiculously high in London anyway!”

Though the post was quickly scrubbed from Reddit, u/roisin_babe_ ‘s strategy for saving big on rent took off on Twitter after user @thechosenberg uploaded screengrabs of the bygone post.

“Everybody wins here,” they captioned the image.

But not everyone was on board that happy endings are *really* happy endings for all, slamming @thechosenberg’s apparent approval of head-for-rent exchanges.

“no, she does not win by being in a position where she has to give sexual favors to be housed,” commented @EmeraldCityML.

“Actually this person is describing being sexually assaulted by their landlord,” added @Spectrathegame.

“Concerning the amount of people that seem oblivious to the fact that this is sexual assault,” added @fayemikah.

Beyond its arguable definition and exploitative qualities, others pointed out that this strategy is pretty damn illegal under the UK’s Sexual Offences Act.

“It’s also a crime in the UK,” wrote @undercoverbs98.

Moral of the story? Fuck landlords – don’t fuck your landlord.