I know this is a controversial statement, but you couldn't pay me to watch college football. I know for most of the U.S. college football is bigger than Jesus, but as someone who doesn't have brain damage and took the other route in college (learning), I'd rather see these students and their respective school spending their time trying to cure cancer or inventing time travel, you know, useful things. 

However, this possum might be the one thing that would make me sit on my couch on a Saturday and turn the TV to a college football game if only they would let him play. 

The video is from a TCU at Texas Tech game. And the possum really, really wanted to get in the action. At the end of the first quarter, the furry little gremlin ran onto the field and was then taken away by possum control, despite trying its best to remain on the field, holding onto the turf with its tiny little hands. 

And the reaction to the little guy's failed attempt to kick a field goal was so realtable that many people, non-sports fans included found themselves relating to the furry little guy, some comparing his dire attempt to how it loos trying to get them out of bed on the weekends. 

But for a few brief moments, this possum was living his dream of being a college football player. so if the SEC or whatever football body has jurisdiction over whether or not this possum can play, I beg you, let him play. 

Look at that face. You're crushing his little dreams.