Though Peter Rodger may have Assistant Directed The Hunger Games and spawned the Isla Vista mass shooter/incel Elliot Rodger, it seems there’s one meme he cannot claim: Contrary to misconception, he’s never starred in a meme connecting 9/11 to 50 Shades of Gray vis-à-vis My Chemical Romance in the “Domino Effect” meme.

Last week, Twitter user @RevDocBobSac sparked viral confusion after he took to the platform to share a post falsely alleging Peter has yet another pop culture connection to the popular shitpost format.

“My favorite little fun fact about this meme template is that this guy is Elliot Rodger’s dad,” they wrote alongside a side-by-side depiction of the two men, which has since garnered nearly 50,000 views. “Just a little light-hearted nugget of information for those who didn’t already know.”

Garnering reactions of shock and disbelief – “Unexpected lore,” wrote one commenter, another writing “That's hot” — it seems, as many suspected, @RevDocBobSac’s sentiments are entirety bullshit.

Back in 2009, now-retired University of Toronto professor Stephen Morris took to his YouTube channel to share a clip on the wonders of geometric growth, illustrating the phenomenon by knocking over a series of rapidly ascending dominoes.

Garnering upwards of 15 million views in its 13 years on the platform, Morris’ video first received the meme treatment on /r/PrincetonPhysMemes in 2018, emerging into more mainstream internet communities later that year, per the Know Your Meme database.

Despite its monumental popularity and notable resemblance, Rodger, even with his filmmaking expertise, had nothing to do with the meme’s viral fame.

The historical domino effect has its limitations … and so do facts made up off the dome.