Kim Jong Un is sad that everyone thought his Christmas gift was going to be a long-range missile attack.

On December 3rd North Korea promised the US a “gift” if the US didn’t make better overtures for a nuclear deal. Due to the nature of the threat, the Christmas gift is widely viewed to likely be a long-range missile launch, the first since 2017. On Christmas Day, Twitter was blowing up with #northkoreachristmasgift memes.

1. Happy nuke day are y'all ready to die.

2. I guess Kim Jong Un was misinformed and misheard on what exactly a Misletoe is and thought it was a Missiletoe.

3. I feel like this is the only time duolingo memes apply.

4. Me looking at the tweets of people who want to get nuked.

5. Kim Jong Un when he realized Americans actually want to get nuked.

6. Us when we see Kim Jong really nukes us because of all the memes.

7. I can't believe this is the #northkoreachristmasgift. Thanks Kim Jong Un.

8. So far nothing has happened with North Korea. Maybe that is the Christmas present. We will keep watching and analyzing.

9. Yall look what I recorded just now... we are all going to die.

10. Oh, they're potassium iodide tablets that prevent radioactive chemicals from getting in you in case a nuclear bomb was dropped.

11. Great joke from @realDonaldTrump on #northkoreachristmasgift.

12. When I think I see a shooting star but then I realize it's getting closer and closer and realize again it's the *Christmas Present* from North Korea.

13. Me still trying to have fun on Christmas while watching out for missiles.

14. Me when I've been joking about the North Korea Christmas gift and I hear an explosion.

15. Kim Jong Un.

16. When it's 38 minutes into Christmas Day and you haven't been nuked yet.

17. What heading back home after visiting family is going to be like.

18. Everyone: he's going to nuke us


      Kim Jong Un:

19. Me: I wanna die.

     *hears an explosion outside*