Eric Adams is a man of swagger. Now a month into his tenure as mayor of NYC, he's become a reliable source of jokes and memes, as he can't seem to stop saying the most ridiculous thing imaginable in any given moment. His latest came this morning while hosting a "cooking press conference he said,  food is like a drug and claims “someone hooked on heroin” and “someone hooked on cheese” aren't that different. 

The event began with the mayor admitting at long last that his "plant-based diet" does include fish, a contested point that had not formerly been made fact. A funny tiff to say the least, as most people simply do not care how vegan the mayor is, but as you'd know if you paid any attention to Mayor Adams, he's more than a little strange. 

Mayor Adams has proclaimed himself a man of swagger. He's a guy who seemingly lived in New Jersey while we ran for mayor, has lied about his diet, and in general, is just weird. On his first day as mayor he started the job by saying, "when a mayor has swagger, the city has swagger." As if that means anything. 

But today, inbetween talking about fats, and his diet, the mayor said something we almost could believe. While ruminating on food and his roles as mayor, one thought lingered in his mind. How people who are addicted to drugs like heroin are more similar to "someone hooked on cheese" than you might realize. 

So while Eric Adams isn't hooked on heroin, it's safe to say he is hooked on that cheese.