sad Baby Yoda

So, unless you've been living under a rock for the last month, you're almost undoubtedly aware of how Disney+ has a massive success on their hands with 'The Mandalorian' - specifically, thanks to the hugely viral sensation that is the absolutely adorable Baby Yoda. The cute lil' green dude is melting hearts and inspiring countless memes, so you know people were waiting anxiously to get their hands on some official Baby Yoda merch.

But, to borrow a quote from 'Avengers' (another Disney property), "reality is often disappointing." The Disney shop launched its official Baby Yoda merchandise line on November 25th, and it might be the biggest Star Wars disappointment since Jar-Jar Binks. See for yourself:

Disney shop's Baby Yoda t-shirt

Disney shops Baby Yoda coffee mug

These are probably the nicest looking examples I could find. Every product features that single image crudely pasted onto whatever the item in question is (other items include tote bags, tank tops, and a $45 phone case).

Literally, this is a level of design that anyone with MS Paint could aspire to. Whatever Disney is making from, y'know, owning basically all of entertainment media, they're clearly not spending a dime of it on graphic designers.

Obviously, when anything is that big of a disappointment, it isn't long before the internet bands together to trash it:

Zerbe @zerbehunter Dammit none of that official Baby Yoda merch is cute. It’s just the same image printed on a lot of items. WHY IS OFFICIAL MERCH HELD BY THE LICENSER LIKE THIS. *cries*

 Bailey Parker @BaileyParker_ Wow Disney really did #BabyYoda dirty with this half-assed merch

RSG Steven @RedScotGaming Porgs: Serve no story purpose. Soulless chimeric abominations. Created to shift merchandise that nobody wants. *sccrEEECh*  Baby Yoda: Integral to story. Catalyst for character growth. No merch but demand so high people creating their own. *quietly plays with ball like happy boi*

ivy marie  @ivysaysrawr Seriously this was the best you could do with baby yoda?

 @Stefmara Upside: There's finally #BabyYoda merch available on the Disney Store website. Downside: See photo below  Who dropped the ball and didn't think that that adorable green being wouldn't be a hit and have better merch ready to go?!

 Visionary Director Scott Wampler™ @ScottWamplerBMD when you somehow didn’t foresee the tidal wave of demand for Baby Yoda merch and were forced to cobble something together quickly, like in less than 24 hours maybe

Chris @nerdycruz Wow. ShopDisney has the shittiest collection of Baby Yoda merch. It’s just the same image on different pieces of clothing. You could make that shit on Red Bubble.

Matthew Panzarino @panzer Yoooo. Hot take incoming. Disney was 100% totally unprepared for Baby Yoda's appeal. This merch screams 'uhhhhhh who was on this?'. Teespring is wheezing.

Here's hoping that the bigwigs at Disney get their s*** together and give us the Baby Yoda merch we deserve (*cough* PLUSHIES *cough*) in time for Christmas!

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