Days after three of Lizzo’s backup dancers filed a lawsuit accusing the star of sexual harassment, body shaming and more, the artist has apparently decided it’s “About Damn Time” to lawyer up, tapping notorious Hollywood attorney Marty Singer to represent her in her legal battle.

“These do not sound like the words of someone who was harassed or discriminated against by someone they then described as ‘THE QUEEN,’” Singer said, referencing a clip from “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” in which one of the dancers suing Lizzo praised her then-boss. “We are confident that Lizzo will be completely vindicated in this matter.”

Some of this confidence may have nothing to do with whether or not Lizzo actually committed the terrible acts outlined in the lawsuit, but rather Singer’s reputation as “the master of denial,” as The Telegraph put it back in 2019.

Having represented several embroiled celebrities over the years, including Charlie Sheen, Tristan Thompson, Jonah Hill and even Bill Cosby, whose catchphrase was once "get Marty for me!" per his former aides, Singer is the Saul Goodman to some of Hollywood’s most controversial stars.

“For every story Singer kills or gets taken down, there's another he's delayed, or defanged, or pushed off the front page, or had corrected or retracted,” Vanity Fair’s David Margolick wrote in a 2017 profile on the attorney, dubbing him a “legal termite.”

This penchant for finding loopholes, Margolick added, has helped him get several of his high-profile clients off the hook.

“John Travolta couldn't have assaulted a male massage therapist at the Beverly Hills Hotel, because he was in Manhattan at the time,” the reporter continued. “The waistline-conscious Jonah Hill didn't keep ordering, and scarfing down, French fries at a restaurant: the refills were free and his dinner companions were sharing them.”

As news of Lizzo’s new lawyer spread throughout Twitter, several of her fans interpreted this decision as a decisive verdict against the singer.

“It’s like she’s just letting us know she’s guilty,” commented @WTFCHARLl.

“The clientele range alone just proves Lizzo might not be innocent omg,” speculated @arianaunext.

“Oh she’s totally guilty then,” added @neyyyhaaa.

Though it’s still unclear which loophole Singer plans to use in helping Lizzo get back into the public’s good graces following these alarming allegations, one option is always available: He could always just blame it on her juice, baby.