Nuts to that goddamn line. - That line was screwy.

Blooper reels have been around as long as actors have messed up their lines. So why are these old blooper reels so entertaining? Well, because to our innocent modern eyes the stars in them are truly from a different time. 

If you're anything like us, then you love a good behind-the-scenes look into the movie-making process. So count today a lucky one, because we have over 10-minutes of classic Hollywood movie bloopers that you can show the entire retirement home. 

What stands out the most are the sayings. Back when cursing what a bit more conservative, people had the most honest ways of showing their frustration. If you put this up to a modern-day blooper reel, you hear bleep after bleep, but not in the 20s, no, people had class. 

So take a trip to the past and enjoy some iconic actors stumble and fall over their lines.