Don't cross the train tracks while the bells are ringing. That might be the first thing they tell you when you start driving, but obviously something this woman in Bilzen, Belgium never learned. 

In an anxiety-inducing video, a utility worker filmed the woman ignoring road work, and attempting to cross the tracks before getting stuck behind a construction barrier. Instead of reversing to safety or driving through the barrier, she sat in her car until it was struck by a train

Mercedes drivers think the world revolves around them," @gunner1003 commented.

"There were so many things she coulda done to be more safe and she did none of them," @rayne_irony said.

Multiple viewers theorized why she never moved her car.

"Instead of hitting the break to shift she revs it," Catastrophic Failure stated, "which an electric shifter like these won't do."

@EYEZ_218 had a different idea. "If the door is open while the vehicle is in gear, the car automatically engages the E-parking brake. Once this occurs the car will not move."

While this woman undoubtedly deserved some consequences for her entitled driving, getting hit by a train is extreme. Maybe it's time she just retired from the driver's seat altogether.